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Once you know what general area the report is talking about, try reading the report. Serial reposters will be banned. But for Captricity, a byproduct of the Code for America Acceleratorhelping make these notes clear and usable is a serious need to be filled.

Using a mixture of optical character recognition OCR technology and human eyes, they turn the handwritten documents into spreadsheets within a number of hours.

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Health-care practices have them, insurers have them, the firms that exchange information between the insurers and practices have them. Please allow 10 minutes for the post to appear before messaging moderators Looking for something else?

Click for an Example. Medical professionals have a resistance to paper going away, but at the same time, they need digital to make decisions. But the push towards EHR reduces the sense of closeness between doctors and patients.

A lawyer concentrating in HIPAA issues, Douglas Stern of Abrams Fenstermannoted that the potential customer base for a product like this might not even be just medical professionals. What we do is offer a distributed and cloud-based way of sharing that information.

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The above report is written by a gynaecologist. Click on the report button, and send us a message with a link to the comments of the post.

No Politics Anything involving politics or a political figure. This rule also applies to any reddit-related content. Direct links to images hosted on tumblr ex. Because electronic health-care records by definition deal with sensitive personal and financial information, their handwritten text-to-spreadsheet conversion had to meet federal government approval.

Chinese, Dari, and Pashto documents have all been turned into spreadsheets via Captricity. Why the Sloppy Handwriting, Doc? Interpreters may see an individual field or column, but nothing more from the document itself.

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Deciphering a Doctor’s Handwriting

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Make sure to provide all the requested info, including a photo of your government-issued ID. Jul 10,  · How dangerous sloppy handwriting can be; How I go about deciphering a doctor’s handwriting “Cause of Death: Sloppy Handwriting” (Time, ) What surprises me is how Pharmacists were able to read drug prescriptions written by these doctors before technology advanced.

9gag, Doctor, and Memes: WHEN YOU HAVE A GOOD HANDWRITING AND PATIENTS DON'T BELIEVE YOU'RE A REAL DOCTOR When clarity and credibility can't co-exist doctor handwriting 9gag When clarity and credibility can't co-exist doctor handwriting 9gag. Image: 9gag The following is from a letter of John Twedell to Dr.

Samuel Parr written in November Tweddell expressed his irritation regarding the penmanship of Dr. Parr's assistant: And now, as I suppose I am freed from the danger of any more headaches occasioned to .

9gag doctor handwriting app
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