An analysis of the jazz age

The chaos and violence of World War I left America in a state of shock, and the generation that fought the war turned to wild and extravagant living to compensate.

Character Analysis of Jordan Baker in The Great Gatsby

Like Nick in The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald found this new lifestyle seductive and exciting, and, like Gatsby, he had always idolized the very rich. She turned to her companion: The sale of alcohol was prohibited in the United States in the s.

The evil of war had been defeated, and the next great threat in Europe was not yet visible on the horizon. McMechan is therefore illustrating the death of the American Dream through the way in which some people gained an excess of wealth during this period with little work, whereas others could not work hard enough to escape poverty.

The staid conservatism and timeworn values of the previous decade were turned on their ear, as money, opulence, and exuberance became the order of the day.

The Great Gatsby Chapter One and Jazz Age Analysis

With the publication of This Side of Paradise inFitzgerald became a literary sensation, earning enough money and fame to convince Zelda to marry him. Mencken defined Puritanism as "the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.

The characters are Midwesterners who have come East in pursuit of this new dream of money, fame, success, glamour, and excitement.

Daisy has an affair with Gatsby; Gatsby then gets concerned that Daisy does not tell Tom about her affair with him in chapter six. The excesses of the time would later be criticized, but Fitzgerald defended them: There he met and fell in love with a wild seventeen-year-old beauty named Zelda Sayre.

Like Gatsby, Fitzgerald was driven by his love for a woman who symbolized everything he wanted, even as she led him toward everything he despised.

The Great Gatsby describes the decay of the American Dream and the want for money and materialism. There were so many good things. The Great Gatsby is a novel about what happened to the American dream in the s, a period when the old values that gave substance to the dream had been corrupted by the vulgar pursuit of wealth.

Though an intelligent child, he did poorly in school and was sent to a New Jersey boarding school in Fitzgerald gave Jordan such an important role in his novel because he wanted to emphasize both the bad and the good things and traits that were dominant during the extravagant Jazz Age.

Jordan Baker is also a highly emancipated woman: Fitzgerald explores the effects of the society at the time on men, women, upper classes and lower classes, in order to provide his reader with a comprehensive insight into the frivolous period of the Roaring Twenties.

Policy changes in the U. Jordan Baker proves to be an essential character in The Great Gatsby novel. She is represented as a dishonest and reckless woman with the arrogant attitude towards others, which was typical of the elite during the Jazz Era.

Another quote about the parties refers to the way the guests devour the endless supply of food and never give a thought as to who gave it to them.The Great Gatsby Chapter One Scott Fitzgerald, in his 20 th century novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ chooses to depict the Jazz Age as a superficial, lethargic age fuelled by capitalism caused by the boom of the stock market after the First World War.

How the Events in the Jazz Age Lead to Events During the Great Depression words, approx. 2 pages The Revival of the Ku Klux Klan: During the 's, there was an upsurge of nativism, or the belief that Native-born Americans are superior to foreigners.

A summary of The Roaring Twenties and the Jazz Age: – in History SparkNotes's The Great Depression (–). Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of The Great Depression (–) and what it means.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. Fitzgerald was the most famous chronicler of s America, an era that he dubbed “the Jazz Age.” Written inThe Great Gatsby is one of the greatest literary documents of this period, in which the American economy soared, bringing unprecedented levels of prosperity to the nation.

The book 'The Great Gatsby' by F. Scott Fitzgerald was an 'icon of its time.' It is the exemplary novel of the Jazz Age. The book discusses topics that were important, controversial and interesting back in 's America.

Character Analysis of Jordan Baker in The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby is a classic novel that was written by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. This novel shows the glamour and chic of the Jazz Age, as well as greed and wealth of those who lived at that time.

An analysis of the jazz age
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