An introduction to the poetry of kazuko shiraishi

Working with independent, visionary presses like New Directions, Archipelago, and Green Integer, and distributed by hand and by mail to bookstores and mailing lists, Calque presents a dense network of translation where readers might encounter original translations and historical texts alongside the inner workings of translation as a process.

Translated by Cid Corman.

Kenneth Rexroth Archive

The contributors are too numerous to list see contents belowincluding contemporary poet-translators like Sawako Nakayasu, Eugene Ostashevsky, and Linh Dinh translating everything from Dante Alighieri to Severo Sarduy.

The right to the ear that floored him in New Jersey. The poems tend to act as a sequence of energies which run out when so much of a tale is told.

Signed by the translator. So that you have stopped time. So if you want to get in early drop me a line. She lives in Boulder, CO.

101 modern Japanese poems

The sense we get is of a crafty trickster; but Nanao was, studying his craft in English assiduously, rising at dawn after nights of revelry to prepare carefully for his public readings and appearances.

Perfect bound ISBN Prehending something requires that object becoming an extension of yourself.

Calque, 2007–2009 (ed. Brandon Holmquest and Steve Dolph)

Slight foxing of margins. Fold out booklet of a sequence of poems. It explains what you need to know, to listen in with some familiarity in a discussion involving these titans.

Offspring of poetry’s artistic polygamy

A Little Nasty Zen Poetry. One of numbers. Journal owners etc please contact Graham if interested or use the Eastlit contact page. Translated by Kristin Dykstra and Nick Lawrence. The services that will be offered are: Close to fine and bright folded booklet.

It is the very last of Origin, ever. He likened a poet to a radio station picking up a signal from Mars. It is also at all time record levels. Translated by Andrew Schelling. His poetry and translations slip together into the selection, and there are appreciations by both editors.

Pacific Rim Poetics

Just short of a dozen translated poems that suggest a deep allegiance to the Kashmiri form of Siva worship, in foldout chaplet style and bound in elegant screenprint wraps with textual band. This phenomenological perspective would be relevant to a large amount of ancient Chinese and Japanese poetry.

One of 25 copies. Nos 2, 3, A complete list of the poets involved: In the morning mail one day came these two new translation surprises from the ancient lovers by Andrew, and by the afternoon we had the little booklet sized up and printed pretty, and he had copies back in Colorado in a day or two giving them away, the only way.

Two-color six page folded sheets in wraps, signed by the poet Arnold, Bob. Small folio of ten poems by this French poet and Cid Corman translations. We only use this to inform people of an issue coming out, or a news post like this coming out.Finally, Shiraishi Kazuko took the stage with a long scroll in hand, encouraging listeners to hear the poem not as her own voice but as the voice of the tsunami itself.

She slowly unrolled the scroll as the read through the poem, “Ocean, Land, Shadow,” thundering, “Ocean, land, shadow, Iwanuma tsunami, tsunami, the tsunami has come!”. A memoir of the trip to New York City for the Sam Rivers, Dave Holland, and Barry Altschul concert at Columbia University's Miller Theatre, May 25th, Signed by the poet on the front free endpaper and effusively inscribed to Greg Gatenby: " for Greg Gatenby for Great Harbourfront Readings thanks lots love lots Kazuko Shiraishi (in both English and Japanese) Jan.

30, at Harbourfront, Toronto.". KAZUKO SHIRAISHI is one of Japan's foremost poets, and certainly the most internationally acclaimed. She has published more than twenty books of poetry and numerous volumes of essays, and has received all of Japan's major literary awards.

9780811206785 - Seasons of Sacred Lust by Kazuko Shiraishi

In an editorial introduction to the first issue, coeditor Brandon Holmquest notes: “We queried a prominent academic in the field [of translation] who, in response, assured us that the kind of journal we were planning ‘doesn't, and can’t, exist in English.’.

Heralding the transition into the second phase of T'ang Dynasty poetry - which is known for its introspective and experimental poetries - noted translator David Hinton selects a half dozen poems and a revelatory introduction to the poetry, times, and life of this rivers-and-mountains poet.

An introduction to the poetry of kazuko shiraishi
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