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In conclusion, many varying factors enraged the colonists to the point that they rebelled against Great Britain. A couple years before the American Revolution, the British began the Intolerable Acts as a response to the Boston Tea Party, a rebellion in which the colonists dumped 15, pounds of tea into the Boston Harbor.

The Sugar Act established at the same time was an attempt to discourage smuggling by lowering the price of molasses below smugglers cost. The colonist felt as if rights were under the watchful eye of the king. The Quartering Act, Proclamation ofand the Intolerable Acts all restricted the civil liberties of the American colonists.

The Continental Congress was held in September of in Philadelphia, it was at this convention that twelve of the thirteen states agreed to fight against the British as a country. You can order a custom essay on The American Revolution now! Starting with the Townshend Acts inthe British placed regulations on the import duty of glass, white lead, paper, paint, and tea.

This also cuts colonial merchants out of the tea trade. Between andmany more restrictions were placed on the colonists and they finally united and rebelled against their home country. The act did not affect much of the colonies except New York.

In and irritated customs officer shot an eleven year-old boy for throwing rocks at his house.

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The Sugar Act, Stamp Act, and Tea Act were all parliamentary taxation placed on the colonists, which is one factor in their unity to rebel.

The news spread through the colonies as the Boson Massacre. Yet thousands of men joined. Shortly after, the use of writs of assistance, which allowed customs to search anywhere without the used of a warrant, placed a major infringement upon colonial natural rights. It also stated that exports could only go through British ports before being sold to foreign countries.

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Parliamentary taxation, restriction of civil liberties, and the legacy of colonial political ideas all played an equal role in the incitement of the American Revolution.

Every colony united and rebelled against is abusive mother country, creating the American Revolution.American Revolution Essay.

By Lauren Bradshaw. June 19, with help from the Indians and British troops, colonist began to quarrel with Parliament’s insistence of testing the limits of their power in North America. thesis or dissertation on American Revolution from our professional custom essay writing service which provides.

- The American Revolution began for many reasons, some are; long-term social, economic, and political changes in the British colonies, prior to provided the basis for and started a course to America becoming an independent nation under it's own control with its own government.

The causes behind the American Revolution The American Revolution was the political uprising that occurred in the last half of the 18th century. This was basically the time when the thirteen colonies decided to join together to become the United States of America.

The American Revolution was the colonists breaking from monarchy and switching to Democracy. The outcome of the movement lead to the Declaration of independence.

The American Revolution Essay Sample Beginning inGreat Britain started to control and restrict the colonists in America by forcing them to adhere to the Navigation Acts.

Between andmany more restrictions were placed on the colonists and they finally united and rebelled against their home country. Need Writing Help? Get feedback on grammar, clarity, concision and logic instantly. Check your paper» This essay is % guaranteed.

Causes of the American Revolution Essay - There was no one event that started the American Revolution. This paper will address the problems that lead to the start to the American Revolution.

How the american revolution started essay help
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