How to write an essay on subcultures

Building on this idea, Richard Cloward and Lloyd Ohlin theorized that gang subcultures arose as youth experienced multiple obstacles to opportunities and achievement.

Subculture Essay

The characteristics of the culture of poverty were marginality, dependence, helplessness, a sense of not belonging, powerlessness, inferiority, unworthiness, lack of history, and a lack of class consciousness.

Additionally these values encompass both sanctioned and proscribed behaviors, from ritual displays and respect for gang colors, fighting and loyalty, business practices, and strategic protection.

These factors reinforced community and social instability brought on by industrialization, urbanization, and immigration.

These specific cultural patterns are called subculture. Sexuality is flaunted, although safe sex practices are devalued. Together these theoretical approaches advanced the idea that gang subculture exists and thrives through a complex interaction between individual traits, needs, personality, and the surrounding behavioral environment.

Interestingly, this value does not extend to lesbians who, over the past two decades, have acquired increasing influence within gang subculture. Gang members learn to employ violence strategically, not indiscriminately, through information handed down regarding how to respond to threats and how to engage or avoid aggressive action.

As part of this interaction, gang subculture is particularly attractive to adolescents, providing youth with a sense of identity along with rules and rituals to organize the world.

Foreshadowing modern global positioning systems GPS mapping, these researchers uncovered a connection between high rates of crime and communities exhibiting multiple social problems. Within the gang, the bonds of male attachment and masculinity are highly valued but rigidly defined.

Youth growing up in such disorganized communities proved to be at high risk of socialization into the gang subculture. Gang Subculture Essay Gang Subculture Essay Gang subculture is rooted in American mainstream culture, sharing some of its beliefs and behaviors.

Incarceration is also valued, signifying that an individual has behaved with courage and honor; 3 promoting and defending gang status involves daily reinforcement and glorification of the gang name through symbols such as tattoos, graffiti, and nicknames. Colors compose a staple of gang subculture; different gangs wear specific colors to both identify members and enemies and to signal association to one another.

Gang subculture is confirmed through the ritual display of hand signs.

Gang Subculture Essay

Hedonism constitutes another core gang value, often channeled through sexual promiscuity and drug use. If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services.

While subcultures may grow from such socioeconomic divisions, they may also arise from group cohesion. While this may not pose such a great problem when applied to any of the more peaceful subcultures hippies come to mindhostility from, for example, a crowd of jocks is most likely equal to a reasonably savage pummeling.

A shaved head exhibits menace and is used to display gang tattoos. And it was wildly successful, particularly among white, middle-class youth. Gang Life in Two Cities: Gang Leader for a Day. Earning respect validates manhood. However, its most enduring audience was and continues to be composed of marginalized youth for whom rap represents a system of transmitting values and behaviors applicable to the environments in which they live.

Graffiti Along with tattoos, graffiti plays an active role in gang subculture and is distinct from tagging. Each customer will get a non-plagiarized paper with timely delivery.

Subcultural attributes, rituals, as a sustainable way of behavior and values,??


The Modern Prince and Other Writings. In particular, anthropologists focused on the dynamics of the subculture, describing it as any group whose members maintain values and exhibit behaviors that differentiate them from the larger culture in which they exist. Increasingly visible in urban settings, tagging represents either self-expression or vandalism at an individual or small-group level.

As the society is divided into many groups — national, demographic, social, professional — gradually, each of them forms its own culture, that is, a system of values?? Scholars thus discuss subcultures in the context of looking at groups of people in opposition with or rebellion against a larger societal norm.

At the same time, a subculture allows a person to understand his place in society, their cultural identity, to distinguish themselves from others. Approved behavior crosses racial and ethnic lines: Most anthropologists have emphasized the continuity of culture: Along with identity and a sense of belonging, gang subculture provides adherents with a system of rituals, language, signs, colors, clothing, tattoos, graffiti, and code of conduct.

Similar to tattoos, gang graffiti may prominently feature numbers—English, Spanish, and even Roman numerals, or numbers and words together in large block or gothic-style lettering.

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Honor is strongly related to disrespect; the violation of gang honor demands a response. In the most extreme cases, young gang members will die in order to preserve respect. Subculture Essay Subculture Essay In the social sciences, the term subculture most often refers to a group in conflict with or segmented from its dominant society.

This minority is commonly defined by three things:If you have the task to prepare a paper about this issue, our following subculture essay topics will help you with developing the content. It is interesting to write about modern subcultures of youth and research their history, reasons of appearance, relation with history and the country of origin.

We can write a Custom Essay about Subcultures for you! Real culture of each country consists of a large variety of subcultures, and they interact with each other, in some aspects and areas, they even conflict with the basic culture, but in most cases are the component parts of the overall (dominant) culture.

Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more. Get started now! While this may not pose such a great problem when applied to any of the more peaceful subcultures (hippies come to mind), hostility from, for example, a crowd of jocks is most likely equal to a reasonably savage pummeling/5(1).

Subcultures are made up of people that come together and seek out others that share similar problems, views, and ideas. Groups form and then redefine ideas and challenge general society norms. Subcultures exist because some people find a need to have a distinct identity, the need to rebel, to seek acceptance, and to find something.

Subculture Essay In the social sciences, the term subculture most often refers to a group in conflict with or segmented from its dominant society. For anthropologists, who define culture as a complex system of beliefs and behaviors that characterize a particular group of people, subculture refers to parts of the whole.

How to write an essay on subcultures
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