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TCO D As the executive director of a managed care company, you have been invited by Congress to consult about national healthcare reform.

How will you justify the expense associated with your plan? Include some specific examples of what you might measure. TCO E You are the VP for human resources and have been given the assignment to come up with a new healthcare benefits plan that will improve healthcare services for your employees and control costs.

These controversial decisions present not only a major breakdown in the healthcare delivery system but also in the financing of healthcare for many individuals across the nation. Articulate your vision for this plan and components that are required for its success. The quality improvement plan must be responsive to any local needs or issues.

What will you tell them in your presentation to address the retention and recruitment problems? The new practice was created by two previously independent practice groups that had fines for governmental regulatory violations, as well as suspected fraudulent billing practices.

The presentation will lay out the requirements of an integrated healthcare delivery system. The health plan currently covers services provided in healthcare services. You have responsibility for all of the usual human resources functions, including the recruitment process, the training and development functions, and the retention plan.

Congress is calling for reform, and medical providers are extremely frustrated with how you restrict care and offer low reimbursements.

Delineate at least three reasons that physicians have for refusing to participate in these governmental programs, as well as the impact this practice has on other areas of the healthcare delivery system.

Several physician practices are also interested in alliances with the hospital. What will you say to him or her? What stakeholders must be considered in the planning process? Your organization has just approved new monies for developing new quality management initiatives. In addition, you have the additional departments of volunteers and the hospital chaplain services.

TCO C some physicians and for-profit healthcare organizations in your area are refusing to treat Medicare and Medicaid patients for a variety of reasons. What are the high-priority issues that will need to be discussed to overhaul the managed care industry?

How will you craft that plan? You are meeting with the president of the health system this afternoon. It is also intended to position the new organization as an organization with an impeccable reputation for compliance.

What will you include in your plan? The board of directors and the president know that they have serious human resource issues that will have to change in order for them to compete in the local healthcare market as an employer-of-choice.

You just received a subpoena to appear in court and testify as to your role in the organization and knowledge of billing practices. As in any healthcare organization, fiscal resources are limited, but the board is firmly committed to investing in a well developed human resources plan to decrease turnover and stem the ever-growing turnover and vacancy rates.

The president has asked you to attend the next board of directors meeting to share your plan for addressing these serious issues. You employ approximately 1, employees and already determined in this new plan, you want to provide traditional healthcare services and further develop a more preventative and wellness focus.

Congress has asked you to discuss how the managed care industry can be overhauled to provide a more customer-responsive product and to control national healthcare costs.

The individual hospitals have implemented their own quality management programs.Balancing Civil Liberties and Domestic Security Balancing civil liberties and domestic security gained an abundance of interest directly after our nation absorbed an attack from Osama bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda followers, which took thousands of lives.

The attacks that occurred on September 11 th of ignited and sparked the debate to a new level. Program Planning and Grant Proposal HSM Program Planning and Grant Proposal Working in human service fields certain individuals within the agency will be investing their time on program planning and grant proposals.

Program planning is the first step in planning of a particular program in which. Free Essay: HSM WEEK 8 FINAL EXAM Purchase here mint-body.com Product Description 1. (TCO H) Ethics is defined by. HSM Health Ins and Managed Care Week 8 Final Exam - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

HSM Health Ins and Managed Care Week 8 Final. HSM Final Exam The difference between PPO & HMO Insurance HMO Plan An HMO provides access to certain doctors and hospitals within its network.

You’re must select a primary care physician (PCP), who will decide what treatment you need. PCP referral is required to be covered when you see a specialist or have a special test done. asking ourselves how our decision would make us feel if we had to explain our actions to a loved one. asking ourselves if the intended action is legal.

asking ourselves if the intended action results in a balanced decision%(22).

Hsm final
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