Information technology boon or curse

Another 13 million users left the privacy controls on Facebook completely unchanged, or did not even know that they existed. Computerization has made it easier for banks to keep track of individual baking transactions so charges for these have increased.

Cambridge Dictionaries Online Without providing a clear definition of "technology", all your arguments that prove that technology is more of a boon than a bane to society might no longer be sound as you fail to be specific. Is advanced technology really a good thing to human beings?

Telephones and mobile phones are so commonly being used by us that it has become difficult now to image life without them. It also gives another form of communication and exchange of information, which was not available before, information that Information technology boon or curse both good and bad.

But computers have helped us to secure our data and retrieve it quickly and easily rather than search dust racked files. They are supposed to be sent by companies selling anti-virus software for increasing their software demand. CBC News Without a doubt, online technology like social networking sites has certainly allowed users to "connect" with their friends in order to keep in touch.

Even making pirated ATM cards is not a big challenge for them. Internet or On-Line Banking is an easy way of making transactions if you have Internet connection at your home or through any other cyber cafe. The MMS racket of Delhi and many other similar cases have rocked different parts of the country which show how serious this problem is.

Excessive surfing of such sites develop addiction which is not good for mental health of youth. Now ATM cards are being used for shopping as well as cash withdrawal or deposit.

These are a few of the many definitions available: To beautify the city, lights are turned on throughout the night. Some of them are so intelligent that they can activate the missile of a country just sitting tin their own country through the Internet.

Though the industry has recorder a decrease in software piracy in the last 10 years, the rate is still alarming in India.

Technology Boon or a Curse Essay Sample

It improves the quality of lives of human beings and helps ease the burden of human at work or at home. Many people nowadays use e-mail or MSN to communicate with their friends distance away.

To promote and boost software industry in India, the Government has formulated Software Technology Parks. Apart from that, technology makes people "overly-exposed" to the public, making them vulnerable to the public.

First of all, you have failed to clearly define the term "technology". But with cut throat competition in mobile communication market among different companies, tariff rates fell down speedily. Satellite phones are much more sophisticated as compared to radio sets by armed forces involved in counter insurgency operations.

Pornography is another drawback which has become a menace. This compels people to keep themselves informed of all Types of happenings in the society. In fact, disadvantages are not inherent in IT bit they are caused by its users. These can be office procedures such as word processing or bookkeeping, or production processes such as cutting and assembling clothes.

In their leisure time, most of their activities involved exercise. Hence, I have every reason to believe that your argument is invalid. To maintain a good relationship with others, face-to-face contact, tones and non-verbal communication are also important elements.

Cyber cells in police departments have also been formed to tackle the cyber criminals. All in all, I believe that technology is NOT more of a boon than a bane to society, as it overly exposes users of online technology to the public, making them vulnerable.

According to a survey, 67 percent of the people who surf the net, surf the pornographic sites. So now security of secret data is on high risk, particularly for armed forces since terrorists are trying their secret files.

The more advanced the technology, the more comfortable lives people enjoy. Unemployment numbers will most probably rise, crime will increase, and we can be the masters of technology, and not let it be the masters of us.

Premium of life insurance policies, electricity bills, telephone bills, income tax returns, payment of railway or airbus e-tickers, etc, can also be paid though the Internet.

Enter necessary information into the order form Provide payment details 2 Submit payment details Choose the most convenient payment method among more than ten available options. Hence, I would like to offer my rebuttal to your point to prove that technology is NOT more of a boon than a bane to society.

The technology, which is just now beginning to be disrupted and hacked, is affecting the minds of young people in ways that could be harmful.

Gadgets and Technology: Boon or Curse?

It has revolutionized the banking system in India.Controversial Essay on Information Technology: Boon or Bane Article shared by Modern civilization has become so complicated and sophisticated that one has to be competitive enough to survive.

NSS Social Issues. Technology: the curse of mankind. Nowadays, technology has advanced almost to the peak. It improves the quality of lives of human beings and.

Technology has become so synonymous to all our lives today that we have even crossed that stage when we discussed whether it is a boon or bane.

Technology - A Boon or Curse to mankind? Technology has all the information available by click of a downside to all this information available on the Internet is that much of it is.

Technology updates: curse or boon? Technology has taken over almost every aspect of our lives - be it personal, social or professional. Even children. Technology contains information that many would. Technology surrounds almost everyone in modern society today.

It affects both work and leisure activities. Technology contains information that many would. Technology Boon or a Curse; Technology Boon or .

Information technology boon or curse
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