Kisan call centres

Conducting analysis of data collected and inferring the grass root level implementation implications of the scheme. With the availability of telephone and Internet, it is now possible to bridge this gap to quite a large extent by using an appropriate mix of technologies.

So far, only five farmers have called the centre from Palghar, the least from among the 36 districts of the state. The infrastructure of Kisan Call Centres is divided into three levels: Kisan call centres Measurement indicators were identified to assess their performance and recommend opportunities for improvement.

This contains upgraded and more robust technology setup as compared to Level I. These crops are grown in thr high and medium hills of the state respectively. Providing a structure to this entire operation of query handling involves effective use of technology, networking, a strong knowledge base, technically educated and informed staff.

A strong need is there to pay greater attention to information based technologies to help farmers cope up with the diverse challenges and learn new opportunities on a continuous basis. To capitalize on future export opportunities of agriculture products, the country needs to match global standards in terms of quality, stability and hygiene.

This way these call centres provide extension services to the farmer community according to the nature of the problem. A response centre handling the services of Subject Matter Specialists for individual problem based query resolution.

Advice on sowing or how to improve quality was, however, barely sought from the KCC, leaving it solely to the farmer. Also, the tribal areas over there also called up these centres to clear their doubts. There are fifteen subject specialists that are employed and available at the call centres in Madhya Pradesh who work in two shifts to ensure maximum time is available to cater to the queries of farmers.

Market know how 7. Rajasthan Jaipur Hindi Kisan call centre is a government of India initiative under the department of Agriculture and Cooperation. The study further revealed that the advice helped the farmers in efficiently managing their fertilizer and pesticide usage, which reduced the weeds, pests and diseases in crops.

The services provided through KCCs are monitored and reported by these Nodal offices. Promotional campaigns using mobile wagons and kiosks to effectively spread the scheme to untouched remote areas of the country.

Kisan Call Centres

The new call centres would be state of the art and provide professional as well as well technical innovations to the existing service network. The users have to register and enroll themselves via a mobile number.


Report generation software is bought in use by the agriculture graduates having a user interface to generate reports based on specific parameters entered by the agents, according to the requirements of the concerned farmer. The article further stated that most of the queries originated from Shivouri and Shajapur districts in Madhya Pradesh.1 Kisan Call Centre Background & Objectives Agriculture extension services along with facilitation to farmers are the mandate of Agriculture Department everywhere in the.

Kisan Call Centre @ Farmers from any part of the country using any telecom operator can contact the Kisan Call Centre by dialling the Toll free number and ask their queries related to farming.

This website belongs to Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India. Overview of KCC (Kisan Call Centre) Kisan Call Centre Services. Kisan Call Centres (KCCs) was launched by the Ministry of Agriculture to harness the. Kisan Call Center 1.

Submitted to, Dr. Rupasi Tiwari Sr, Scientist Submitted by, Balaraj BL DIVISION OF EXTENSION EDUCATION ASSIGNMENT ON. About KCC. In order to harness the potential of ICT in Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture launched the scheme "Kisan Call Centres (KCCs)" on January 21, Main aim of the project is to answer farmers' queries on a telephone call in their own dialect.

These call Centres are working in 14 different locations covering all the States and UTs.

Kisan call centres
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