Marketing project on lifebuoy soap

Many companies try to reposition themselves when they see market trend shifting but most fail to do so. The different consumer sales promotion techniques used by Lifebuoy are: Haath Dhoye Kya Lifebuoy Hand sanitizer Now this is such a smart marketing where you are making consumer getting addicted to the consumption of the product by providing them live sample of the product with the freedom of using the product without paying for it.

Products that are marketed include physical goods, services, experiences, events, persons, places, properties, organizations, information and ideas. The film ends with the super announcing: With the help of marketing department and advertisement, Lifebuoy has successfully repositioned itself as a quality antibacterial soap with better fragrance and more durability.

World's #1 Selling Germ Protection Soap

Lifebuoy donated overbars of soap to the International Committee of the Red Cross to support the recovery effort. Finally, they reach their destination — a temple. Although Unilever itself is a part of a Multi market, but since we are talking about the product Lifebuoy we can say that it is using a multi market strategy as well because it has both soap and shampoo, not these two only but they have others antibacterial liquid baths as well opening a way for Lifebuoy to be a multiple product.

This sign makes Dettol more secure and safer. Great Sales Promotion Strategy: Restructure a mature market by driving out competitors; this would require a much more aggressive promotional campaign, supported by a pricing strategy designed to make the market unattractive for competitors.

Lifebuoy, for long, has been associated with a big, red, chunky bar of soap that keeps one healthy. Lifebuoys programmes aims to educate people about the benefits of handwash with soap, and how handwash can help kill invisible, disease causing germs.

Marketing strategy includes all basic and long-term activities in the field of marketing that deal with the analysis of the strategic initial situation of a company and the formulation, evaluation and selection of market-oriented strategies and therefore contribute to the goals of the company and its marketing objectives.

I would analyse and give my information based on these materials. The almost second clip beamed on several TV channels features a man and his wife back home on a rain-soaked day.

The ad, Dettol claimed, had caused a severe dent in the image of Dettol Original soap. It has now become a family brand. In case of Lifebuoy it has been successful.

Long lasting life of the soap itself is USP for the brand. Due to competition, Unilever has to reposition its brand Lifebuoy because the needs and wants of people are changed.

Unilever is offering a standard product of Lifebuoy soap and shampoo by standardized packaged product.Lifebuoy soap is a very old brand of bath soap in India.

7. Furthermore HUL will hire a market research consultant to undertake a small market research campaign to understand the current perception and views of customers towards using lifebuoy.

Lifebouy’s Marketing Strategies. 7 July These are the few reasons which motivated me to make this project. The main OBJECTIVE of the project is to find: The strategies used to market its world famous soap, LIFEBUOY, in India ;the process of using market segmentation, target marketing, the product, pricing, promotional and.

Lifebuoy, the world’s leading health soap, creates accessible health and hygiene products for your family including bar soap, body wash, hand wash and hand sanitizer. Lifebuoy aims to change the handwashing behaviour of a billion people, by Lifebuoy Is The Worlds Number One Soap Marketing Essay.

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, The rural market area is covered under the swasthya chetana project. Company is offering the lifebuoy with its other product as a promotion. Lifebuoy soap has the loyal customer and is the market leading brand in the Indian market is. Lifebouy 1. Lifebuoy Product life cycle & Marketing Strategies By: RAHUL PAGARIA SHUBHAM SINGH AKASH JAISWAL 2.

Introduction One of the oldest brand of HUL & positioned as health & hygiene soap. Introduced in as a disinfectant soap especially when the country was severely affected by diseases like typhoid plague & yellow fever.

Marketing Project. Consumer Behaviour Lifebuoy.

Lifebouy’s Marketing Strategies

HUL Market Strategies for Life Buoy Soap. This was followed by a series of ads highlighting the soap’s germ fighting benefits. Lifebuoy had become a family soap with hygiene as its core promise. “For a soap that had been relegated to toilets, Lifebuoy has gathered new adherents in an age.

Marketing project on lifebuoy soap
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