Moral degradation in indian society

So parents are also helpless. Every tom, dick and harry seems to have beliefs, virtues, feelings, qualities and opinions of the highest standard.

Moral breakdown

Dumbing down of America is well-known fact but its implementation is now in full operation through the infestation of Mossad operatives with names like Mohammed, Ramesh, Sunil, John, Danny, Mohsin etc.

I think that for this only maximum all the youths are starting taking alcohol from a very lower age and cigarettes also. And if she is also murdered or the victim succumbs to injuries, death penalty is the only answer. Oct 18, Yes, I do agree with this statement. The Desire for materialistic gains and comforts, greed for luxury life has lead to corrupt practices and downfall of social values.

In essence, values determine our moral behaviour. In a world where everyone is fully loaded on morals and values, where every person Moral degradation in indian society to have a clear understanding of right and wrong, how can corruption, promiscuity, vulgarity, violence and every other form of depravity and debauchery rule?

Morals form the backbone of self-image and strength of mind which are tools for living a successful life. Full Answer The moral values of society worsen because many parents fail to teach children morality.

But when people are pretending to be someone and are actually just the opposite, that trend is disturbing.

People on the left are upset by the perceived greed of the 1 percent and the broad acceptance of torture and war as foreign-policy tools.

In India, watching these impractical movies has made the youth term their mistaken infatuation as true love. The reason is that social media, education system, propaganda, and other countries are drowning in culture and poverty and illicit racism can also be attributed.

But the irreligious, heretical, mean, and selfish thoughts spreading outside the country has severely attacked Indian Culture and Values. One must remember that morality is relative and every generation has felt that their generation was somewhat more moral than the current generation.

Blame the lady for a no fault of hers rather than trying to seek justice. Jul 19, Yes, now moral values are degenerating so we should try to improve our younger students and try to teach them what is right and what is wrong.

Aug 24, I agree that morals and values among Indians are degenerating day by day. Late night parties, movies, discos, clubs, hyperactive night life, giving more importance to social media this all have preoccupied our lives leaving no room for improving our moral standards.

Seriously, is there nothing else in life worth doing? Else it would get proved that only if a poor caretaker of rural background gets accused of raping and murdering an upper-middle-class girl, does the society find merit in hanging the culprit!


The main cause for the rise of such uncivilized grounds of terror and hatred is just the result of inappropriate educational values right from the childhood and nil importance to human values which need to be imbibed to the student at an early level.

And of course love, affection for the youth to stop them being dragged into darkness. One thing that everyone should know and believe that when we will give respect to other then only we will get respect. The human bonding is slowly dissipating.

Showing himself above others is becoming the most important goal of Indian teens. This results into amoral activities. Real and pure love is unknown.

People are now ever ready to injure each other in thought, word, and deed. People always be different, not common. Evolution has given him the sense of morality. So, we must keep Moral degradation in indian society away from the ill-effecting outside products.

It is not expected from us to be ideal or perfect being but at least human being. For instance, someone preaching the importance of family may be the one cheating on their partners. These days people prefer more to talk in social media than face to face.

Aug 2, I believe that, all the above discussions are right. Express your positive attitude towards providing the solution. Special stress should be given to improving the condition of girls and women and to make this country a safe haven for them conducive to their growth and prosperity!

Societal collapse[ edit ] Historians believe societal collapse and the overall disintegration of society from external or internal factors may exacerbate social discord and lead to a degradation of morality. But today, westernisation has penetrated so much into Indian minds that people have rendered their culture.Degradation of ethical and moral values in today’s youth is a major issue in a developing country like India.

The root of this issue is not a recent phenomena, its trace can be indented in the society of the past, the magnitude. India offers astounding variety in virtually every aspect of social life. Diversities of ethnic, linguistic, regional, economic, religious, class, and caste groups crosscut Indian society, which is also permeated with immense urban-rural differences and gender distinctions.

The next most prominent degradation in our moral values reflects itself in the form of corruption. In India, corruption is prevalent at all the levels and the irony is that even if we accuse that they are guilty, they remain supreme.

The moral deterioration of youth in India is at present a blazing issue. The root of this issue is not a recent phenomena, its trace can be indented in the society of the past, the magnitude of which has spread over largely in recent days.

The expression of this sort of degradation is being. There are many causes of moral degradation, including poor parenting, the condoning attitude of society, influence of media, family breakdowns and increased freedom. According to poll results, 45 percent of the U.S.

population thinks that the morality of the society is poor, reveals CNN. Thanks to the lumpenisation of Indian society by large section of the media, Bollywood and advertising agencies; the whole country has got fully degraded morally.

Suburbs to city centres, urban to rural, New Delhi to Bangalore, Mumbai to Guwahati — the whole country is equally dangerous for women as all parts are equally being administered .

Moral degradation in indian society
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