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Work with an established professor to produce a good research, which may be published. To me, everything boils down to you, if you are good you are good. As early as possible! Are you ok with having such an uncertain timeline?

The period for asking profs to accept you as their student kind of coincided with exchange. If you have two specialisations e. Should I write an Honors Thesis? But I dont deny that if you are seeeking overseas employment den maybe NUS will be better? Will he be away on certain weeks?

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Each patient would take about 2hours, so I could only do maximum 3 patients each day. Others take 24 hours still pretty good. So there was no question as to choosing between thesis or coursework.

Q. How do I find NUS honours year theses, academic exercises or final year projects?

For example, if you do not have a specialization, you are required to read the following modules as HD replacement modules: How much reading do you have to do?

What else affects whether I should I do a thesis?

NUS or NTU business school: which is better?

And we had to collect a total of participants which was thankfully later reduced — although I still have to collect till now for publishing My introverted nature and inhibitions to speak to and bother strangers had to be totally discarded away, and I had to be the total opposite of what I usually was — convincing, persuasive and bright.

Therefore, in short, if ICPAS can recognize a 3 years course over a 4 year one, why should one feel no "seh" from a 3 year course?

Nus Business School Honours Thesis – 720106

Everyone from that school will be under the mill. I got a friend that went to SMU cause he flunked the NTU interview, was lamenting because the extra year was used to clear electives.

It varies by professor! During this period, my prof went overseas for about weeks, and he was going to return only 2 weeks before the submission deadline. You will find a way! However, BBA Honours students have the option to graduate without a specialisation.

He saved my ass with some statistics magic, by utilizing a different analysis procedure that obtained significant results.

To do a research in the area of your interests To contribute to the topic in the area of your interests. What does this tell? So most people are in the 2nd category, and are deliberating whether it is really better to write a thesis than to take 3 modules.

How do I find theses?: Browse by Department (Call numbers)

Some professors like have ridiculously fast turnarounds of 2 minutes - 30 minutes, even in the middle of the night. Actually i think jameskoay has subconsciously accepted NUS alr.

Rating — 1 being least and 5 being most. How long will it take for him to get back to you with comments? Therefore, the main thing that you should consider is which school gives u more pull factors. For 3 modules, average level module has readings per week. When should I do so? Like all school, they all have bell-curve moderation.Honours Thesis (EC) Please note that the Honours Thesis is not compulsory.

As such, students who cannot meet the pre-requisite to read the Honours Thesis or chose not to read the Honours Thesis could read the independent study module or other level modules to accumulate the required MC for the Honours requirements.

HD forms for students intending to complete the Honours Dissertation over two semesters. HD forms for students intending to complete the Honours Dissertation over one semester. IHD/IHT forms For DDP students intending to complete the Integrated Honours Dissertation/Thesis. From onwards, new NUS Honours Year Thesis, Academic Exercises and Final Year Projects are now hosted on [email protected] Not all theses submitted to NUS are in the Libraries' collection as some of them may not be released by departments to the Libraries.

Honours Dissertation (BHD4001) (First Class Honours), National University of Singapore, Professor, National University of Singapore, - current Associate Professor, National University of Singapore, - Jun 17,  · Nus Business School Honours Thesis.

Honours Dissertation – NUS BBA (HD) requirement will be offered in two tracks: a more research oriented track that will focus on theoretical and empirical research at nbsp; Curriculum – NUS BBA Programme.

The dissertation requirement will be offered in two tracks: a more research oriented. Hello! This is my NUS Module Review for PL Honours Thesis and PLG Positive Psychology modules for / semester.

Nus business honours thesis
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