P1 marks and spencers and the

In addition to the European market, emerging markets, such as India and China, are potential areas which need to pay close attention for the next step. Therefore, the company could not touch customers through its brand image, whereas brand image is vital in marketing literature.

The company began its tentative internationalization activities by exporting its St. As a later measure to improve food quality, food labelling was improved and "sell by dates" were phased in between and But most of its products have premium prices which only target a specific upper class of consumers businessteacher.

The business strategy should generally cover P1 marks and spencers and the ambition, positioning, investment and organisation Lasserre Furthermore, the company intends using multiple channels to drive the international business. Stores due for closure in April included one of their oldest presences, that in the town centre of Birkenhead.

The company can choose any of these entry modes namely export, license and franchise, alliance, joint venture or wholly owned subsidiary or some combination of them to enter a host country.

It P1 marks and spencers and the unlikely for a company to deliver a brand into a new market without any further consideration. Internally, first of all, the company did not have a unified, well-recognized and trusted brand name when exploring the international market. Moreover, technological changes happened in retailing industry.

Last but not the least, the company did not have an overall and long-term development plan of international expansion. Just making a product and running a marketing campaign for it is not enough. Unprofitable locations were closed. Philip Green withdrew his takeover bid after failing to get sufficient backing from shareholders.

Therefore, the company is fully equipped to renew global extension. Reasons of Failure Marks and Spencer suffered sluggish sales, slump in profits and a sharply declining market share owing to all sorts of external and internal reasons. Marks and Spencer is gaining momentum in internationalization which helps the company seeking new markets and reduces the dependency on the UK economy.

As a consequence, the reputation of the company went downhill both at home and abroad. So its products are easily available in the cities and towns of UK as well as other developed countries.

Despite various efforts to improve its image, the chain was never able to move beyond its reputation there as a stodgy retailer, one that catered primarily to senior citizens and expatriate Britons. These factors directly or indirectly affect its business operations so they require to be managed in a well-organized way.

They choose every product after exploring all the alternatives Sarah Gwan, Further expansion into other French and Belgian cities followed into the s. It also accepted the return of unwanted items, giving a full cash refund if the receipt was shown, no matter how long ago the product was purchased, which was unusual for the time.

It is more profitable for competitive organizations to make their products acceptable and affordable for as many income classes as possible Sarah Gwan, The company also should organize itself properly and excavate a sustainable competitive advantage which is difficult to replicate or imitate.

Although the Paris shops remained popular and profitable, the Western European operation as a whole did not fare as well and eighteen shops were sold in In order to be able to resist challenges of entering a new country and has an efficient operation, the company should be concern with activities after establishment.

Globalization is imperative and overseas expansion is regarded as an opportunity for future growth. This is essential to keep the image of the brand alive.

A company can never succeed unless it can implement and carry out its strategy effectively Sterlingp. Drivers of success for market entry into China and India. Also, they want to see more variety in the current garment product offerings.

Moreover, as the company has a rich experience on international expansion in the past, therefore, it could learn from the past mistakes and create a better future.p1 marks and spencers and the westlands school history.

Introduction I have chosen marks and spencer or most commonly known as M&S and the Westlands School to do my assignment. Mark and spencer’s (M&S) company which is gone from a sole trader to a public limited company which is now one of the largest supermarkets across UK and Europe.

How Marks & Spencer could fashion a desirable new brand image

The. P1 – Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting businesses The two businesses I have selected are Marks and Spencer (M&S) and the National Health Service (NHS). The retail world was hit last week with the announcement that Marc Bolland, chief executive at Marks and Spencer, was stepping down after six years in the role.

I have chosen Marks & Spencer and Mattel because both are well known businesses in the Industry which produce high quality products and have been selling their products worldwide.

Marks and Spencer is a leading high street retail business which as Mattel is the largest toy business. Overview of. The Marks and Spencers store that is located in Marble Arch, London holds the Guinness record for having the highest revenue per square foot considering any stores all over the world.

Unit 1 P1 - Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting businesses

Britain called as home of shopkeepers and for sure Marks and Spencer can be. Marks & Spencer have detailed guidelines on the correct way to use computer equipment, the internet and emails in the computer user agreement that is presented to anyone using a computer at Marks.

P1 marks and spencers and the
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