Proud moments in canada

On July,we Proud moments in canada the first country outside of Europe and fourth in the world to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. Same-sex marriage legalized in Ontario Canada was the fourth country in the world and the first outside Europe to legalize gay marriage, in Some suggested it might be a terrorist hideout, but those fears were put to rest several days later, when a North York construction worker admitted to digging the tunnel as a personal getaway.

Canada bowed out of the tournament on Saturday in a loss to England, but captain Christine Sinclair and her squad acquitted themselves well with the tournament on their home turf. If you had to sum up Canadian iconography in one photo, it would probably look something like this image taken by B.

Lost and found Franklin Expedition wreck Grade school history class came alive in latewhen the federal government announced one of the two lost Franklin Expedition ships had been found in the Canadian Arctic.

But despite the dark clouds hanging over the retail sector, Canadian-owned Dollarama continued to thrive. This party was led by George Brown. More than 10, Canadian soldiers lost their lives or were injured in the assault, and today a white memorial sits on top of the ridge in memory and honour of their sacrifice.

The victory ended a five-year gold medal drought for Canada. Get ready for some useful information, beautiful photos and, of course, some laughs. After experiments were done on dogs, the doctors started to test on humans, by injecting the extract created out of glucose of a year-old boy, and the test was a huge success.

Same-sex marriage crusader Edith Windsor was one of those Americans who came to Canada to get married. No nation is perfect, and Canada has had its fair share of mistakes that we need to acknowledge and learn from, but we also have some golden moments.

As we celebrate years as a nation, we can look back on our history with a mixture of both pride and remorse. Advertisement A year to celebrate: By March, some cash-strapped cities were forced to ask their citizens for help shovelling off the roads.

Proud Moments in Canada

The fate of the Franklin Expedition crew remains shrouded in mystery, but researchers hope the Erebus wreck can help them piece together more of what happened to that ill-fated mission to find the Northwest Passage. Share in the comments below! But in Canada, love has already been winning for 10 years.

The so-called "Toronto Tunnel" captured national attention for several days, with many debating the origins of the mysterious items found inside.

Many gay marriage supporters trumpeted the slogan "Love wins" after the U. The fact the Canada won is, of course, worth celebrating, but so was the glimpse into the eye of what we perceived as our enemy.

The region saw more than two metres of snow fall in the span of about two months in early -- and without warm spells sprinkled in to melt off the accumulation. Blacks Photography announced it will close all outlets by August.Canada may have some very proud moments but there are also some moments in our history that we sholudn't be proud of.-One incident was the Komagata Maru incident or the "continous passage.".

Proud Moments in our history Canada has had many proud moments in the past years that makes us who we are now. Vimy Ridge was one of our first proud moments in the s where all four Canadian divisions in World War I fought in one battle together.

July 1. A date that was etched into Canada's history. Confederation wasn't easy however. It took a lot of people and hard work to make Canada. "I’m just proud not to be American if I’m being honest.

Yay Canada!" -samanthah "That we are not America." -Jacob Pacyga. "I live in the country that everyone loves - and that I'm not American." -Flobee Buzzin.

"1. Better beer 2. Rachel McAdams 3. No Nancy Grace 4. Health Care 5. Having an intelligent stance on gun control. 6. Proud Moments provides quality, individualized behavioral therapy to children ages across the autism spectrum.

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Canada 150: 15 Moments we were proud to be Canadian

To celebrate Canada’s th anniversary, KelownaNow is shining a light on our amazing country. In the weeks leading up to July 1st, we will be releasing articles on the best Canada has to offer.

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Proud moments in canada
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