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I believe it Response to mother tongue essay necessary to have a second language, especially if you come from immigrant family like I do.

Nobody want to talk to me. However, Tan is using the same talking style with her mother. He complains young people are getting more and more unconcerned, but I think people are just more and more independent.

It takes her time to understand the concept of needing a gym class. Overall, I agree with Tan. Besides, one day, I went to a store to buy milk, a saleswoman sneered at me because of my limited English. When I am making a phone call, they will stand by my side, keep talking in Chinese and try to remind me what I need to ask without hearing from the people on the other side of the phone.

I also agree that the Mother Tongue is something important and something that should be valued, but I need to address something as well. Sometimes, they make her feel like an outsider in her class.

My mom just need some help from me; she wants me to practice English with her because she has no one but me. Lack of money is a big problem for college students. To Tan, this language was not a language.

In conclusion, I will do endless effort to make a friend and to be good at speaking English. Finally, I have learned from this essay that if you want to have a good service, you need to work hard on your English. Although there are lots of different cultures, and sometimes people come from another culture may get discriminated.

Tan would say things that did not make sense or say something that she would only refer to her mother.

I know how it feels because I was once new to this country and I know how it feels to be new in United States. However, my dream collapsed soon. Due to my curiosity about her Chinese background which is not common to be an English writer among Chinese Americans, I did some research online.

I remember my father being scolded by the owner of a deli across the street that he was stupid, cheap, and that he should go back to China based on his irregular English.

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It seems that Tan originally wanted to gain an audience of all nationalities, but I believe that there will be a more limited amount of readers and more Chinese American readers than any other because they can relate the most out of this text.

Is it a cultural or generational conflict?

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Although I can relate to the author very much so and agree that language should not serve as a barrier to the way we try to understand or be understood by each other, many other people may disagree. However, life is not always perfect. Through her determination she has become successful.

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Even though we like to speak freely with our family English, we still need to learn how to speak the common form or correctly pronounce the English used in the public place.

I know what I need to say for her too.The article “Mother tongue” by Amy Tan, a daughter of Chinese immigrants, writer with a rebellious soul, magnificent imagination, and an irresistible desire for perfection and self-realization, is in the focus of this essay writing.

Mar 19,  · After reading the essay Mother Tongue, by Amy Tan, I really feel that I should be nice to my mother. The author claims that she was embarrassed from her mother’s language, in response to this, I believe this is the person own choice about what to like and what not to.

For example, my parents speaks far more broken English than. Mother Tongue summary and response Summary of Mother Tongue by Amy Tan.

Mother Tongue

In this essay Amy Tan says she has always loved language. However, she realized one time when her mother was at one of her speeches, that she was using a form of English that she didn’t use with her mother. She doesn’t use formal English with her mother and. Response to Mother Tongue Amy Tan, the author of Mother Tongue shares her personal opinion upon the English language, and the power that language could/5(1).

I enjoyed reading Mother Tongue by Amy Tan. I thought by just reading the first paragraph that I was able to make a strong connection with Amy Tan and her essay. Throughout most of my life, my great grandparents were around. Both of them were right off the boat from Sicily, Italy. You could say 3/5(5).

In the essay “Mother Tongue” Tan discusses many issues including language and cultural barriers faced by her and her family when she was growing up. Tan also discusses stereotypes and lack of respect brought on by her ethnic background and the struggles brought about by being Asian in America.

Response to mother tongue essay
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