The dominating species on the face of earth

Messenger In a post-apocalyptic future, what might happen to life if humans left the scene? They arrived on Earth almost a million years ago, in search of gold and other valuable minerals that were scarce in the universe, but abundant here.

According to most descriptions, they stand 3 to 5 feet tall, have bulbous heads and over-sized black eyes. Gould argued that chance, or contingency, as he called it, played a great role during the major transitions of animal life.

Well, if they had any capacity for language, they would. Before offering any guesses, however, we need to carefully explain what we mean by a dominant species. It turns out that for a number of groups—mammals, birds, and so on—the numbers of each of these rankings rise as you descend the hierarchy.

They can survive in goddamned space! View image of Male mosquitoes can have their sperm modified by a bacterium Credit: If they can sustain this kind of commitment after the human race has been eliminated, we believe they stand a pretty good chance at the win.

An advanced, self-centered race, they place little value on human life. They have a noted and exploitable weakness to oncoming bright lights. Despite being outnumbered by springtails, they have far greater and more varied powers to influence the environments in which they live.

Their interaction with mankind goes back thousands of years, sometimes offering assistance but more often than not using us as a commodity. In need of a workforce, they are said to have created mankind.

The underground reptilian race is also said to control the media and all corporations. Other civilizations have been influenced by the Sirians, the most notable case being that of the Dogon tribe of West Africa.

Cockroaches The cockroach is synonymous with survival. But are there are other living things that are quietly having greater, more significant influences? So, the question is: The Mayans also had a special relationship with the Sirians, who shared information with this enigmatic South American civilization.

Our attempts to cure a new, deadly strain of the West Nile Virus by tinkering with its genetic makeup result in an even more deadly version to which crows and ravens are immune.

However, DNA analysis carried out around 15 years ago found they are actually relatives of insects. Water Bears aka Tardigrades: When Rizq was destroyed, they built an intergalactic vessel they named Nibiru. Most of the over species are herbivorous.

Now, to some people, this talent could be considered an advantage.Dominant Species is a game that abstractly recreates a tiny portion of ancient history: the ponderous en- Species—Each small wooden cube on earth rep-resents one species. Each like-colored set of cubes represent the various species belonging to a sin- face up in the “Available Dominance Cards” section of the game board.

6 Alien Species Currently Fighting for Control Over Earth Hundreds of sightings, abductions and first-hand accounts have made it possible to distinguish several distinct alien species that have been.

That is a new, estimated total number of species on Earth—the most precise calculation ever offered—with million species found on land and million dwelling in the ocean depths. Until now, the number of species on Earth was said to fall somewhere within the large range of 3 and million.

Of all the species that were arguably dominant animals at some stage in the history of the Earth, humans are alone in their remarkable intelligence and manual dexterity.

It follows that such traits are neither requirements for being dominant among animals, nor particularly likely traits to evolve.

There has never been any other example in the history of life on earth where a SINGLE species had as wide a geographical range, and made up as large This page may be out of date.

has there ever been another dominant species on earth? Update Cancel.

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ad by LendingHome If dinosaurs ever were "dominating" species, they still are. More. Human Domination of Earth's Ecosystems Peter M. Vitousek, Harold A. Mooney, Jane Lubchenco, Jerry M.

6 Alien Species Currently Fighting for Control Over Earth

Melillo and no ecosystem on Earth's sur- face is free of pervasive human influence. species on Earth that have become extinct in the past two millennia, almost all of them as a conse.

The dominating species on the face of earth
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