The impact of extracurricular activities on student academic performances

Social Influences of Extracurricular Activities and Academic Performance Numerous studies indicate that extracurricular activities do, in fact, promote academic performance in students. The students returned the completed surveys to the school office throughout the week after distribution.

Compared to other extracurricular activities, however, athletics does not appear to produce as strong a positive correlation.

A correlation appears to exist between the activities that students choose outside of the classroom and their academic performance. Eventually people, including educators, began to see the benefits of extracurricular activities, but it took a while to inure themselves to them.

The Relationship Between Television Viewing and Academic Performance Television is usually not considered an extracurricular activity, per se, but for the sake of this study, it is classified as one.

Data retrieved from the demographic portion of the survey instrument was reported in percentages, charts, and figures. The way children choose to spend their free time can affect their school performance; it is not simply traditional in-class instruction that impacts academic achievement.

However, are the extracurricular activities themselves, regardless of outside or social influences, responsible for this impact on academic performance? Although this particular study produced a negative relationship between sports and academic performance, many demonstrate a positive relationship.

Those parents and students who chose to participate returned their completed surveys to the school office between April 5 and 8, Milley conducted a case study on students involved in band and orchestra.

All three of these factors work together to influence the relationship between participation in extracurricular activities and academic performance, because each one places a different value both on activities and academics.

The Relationship Between Participation in Music and Academic Performance Studies reflect a strong positive relationship between participation in music and academic performance. The College Entrance Examination Board reported that high school students who had had some experience with music performance or music appreciation scored higher on the Scholastic Aptitude Test SAT.

Even today, there is inconsistent evidence, but most research tends to lean toward the idea that participation in athletics does, in fact, improve academic performance.

Table 1 summarizes the survey responses. Darling, Caldwell, and Smith conducted a longitudinal study concerning extracurricular activities and their effect on various aspects of development, including academic performance. Shin, in researching television and its effects on academic performance, developed three hypotheses, or reasons, for its negative impact.

Usually the services performed are related, in some way, to some academic subject, but most forms of volunteer work and community service can be tied to academics in one way or another. Music develops and improves spatial intelligence, which transfers to high-level math and science.

These research questions provided the focus of the study.

The Relationship Between Athletics and Academic Performance The impact that athletics has on academic performance has been debated over the years—some say the impact is positive, while others say it is negative. Some research indicates that physical activity not only improves academic performance, but has an actual physical benefit for the mind.Extra-curricular activities and academic performance in secondary students.

- 38 - Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology. ISSN. Students, school administrators and teachers, and parents all need to be aware of the effects that participation in extracurricular activities has on the academic performance of students. Furthermore, they also need to be aware of the specific extracurricular activities available to them and the effects that each specific activity has on academic.

Download Citation on ResearchGate | The impact of extracurricular activity on student academic performance | It has been generally assumed that participation in extracurricular activities has a.

Based on this experience, I can say that sports have a positive impact on the academic life of students. Formal research has established that sports do affect the academic performance of students.

“A positive relationship between physical activity and academic performance has been established” (Lee, Burgeson, Fulton, & Spain, ). The Positive Effects of Extra Curricular Activities on Students by Erin Massoni (Education ) Abstract xtracurricular activities are found in all levels of our schools in many different forms.

They can be sports, clubs, debate, drama, school publications, student council, and other social events. The keywords and phrases used in the literature search include extracurricular activities, ECA, extra school activities, after school activities, non-academic school activities, co-curricular activities, CCA, academic performance, academic outcome, academic achievement, and academic aspirations.

We excluded book chapters, working papers.

The impact of extracurricular activities on student academic performances
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