The pleasure of solitude

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I have a lot of friends who have become therapists. I discovered many things that I could not have imagined. After the break-up of my first marriage, I lived by myself in a remote Wiltshire cottage for eight years, and The pleasure of solitude every moment.

Each campsite has multiple cabins that are spaced far enough part to preserve privacy. Think of digging and planting in a garden or allotment, ploughing a vast field with only a trail of seagulls as company, or potting at a wheel in a shed that looks on to a tangle of green.

Rediscover the Pleasure of Solitude in These Micro Cabins Across the East Coast

One rewarding result of the current recession is that people seem to be going back to the earth, growing their own fruit and vegetables. In animal experimentssolitude has been shown to cause psychosis.

Thoughts should be guided beyond ourselves, and solitude is a help, here, because in the silence ideas come, questions present themselves and sometimes inspiration flies in from nowhere. Time was slowed - a great bonus in this rushing world.

Here, in rural Warwickshire, the Western evening skies are incredible in their vast beauty and colours, different every evening.

The campsites are, however, only a couple of hours from major East Coast cities. It is often considered a form of torture.

That, I believe, unless you are a born hermit, is surely the best way for most of us. Then came the mature calm of evening - curtains to be drawn, the fire to be lit. In our still-new home - just as we did in Oxford - we have organised purposeful measures of solitude because we believe they are essential to happy marriage.

Solitude in elementary-age children may occur when they are unsure of how to interact socially with others so they prefer to be alone, causing shyness or social rejection. At that time, of course, I did not analyse, or perhaps even realise that so long as I was in the country I loved being on my own.

After I wrote Land Girls, which was made into a film about the role of women working on the land during the war, I talked to many ex-Land Army old ladies, most of whom, when they signed up, had come from cities and never seen a cow.

The hours of mid-afternoon were recognisable by the very slight change of light that in a busy, crowded day, would not be noticed. My unfashionable view is that the last thing you want to concentrate on is yourself. My husband, who is unlikely ever to retire, goes off early in the morning, comes back for supper - a life pattern that is shared by many, the majority of their spouses grateful for it.

Of course I listened to the radio and to music: Since the cabins are designed with spontaneous getaways in mind, all the essentials, aside from toiletries, are provided.Solitude does not necessarily entail feelings of loneliness, and in fact may, for those who choose it with deliberate intent, be one's sole source of genuine pleasure.

For example, in religious contexts, some saints preferred silence and found immense pleasure in their perceived uniformity with God.

At $ a night, a startup offers rentable micro cabins to help urban dwellers escape the daily grind. Launched in the summer ofGetaway has stayed true to its back-to-nature roots throughout its expansion, from its first campsite outside of Boston in Southern New Hampshire to its outposts.

The joy of solitude: We're all terrified of being lonely but could alone time enrich your life and save your marriage? Check out The Pleasure of Solitude by Aig├╝l on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on I believe my daughters' ease with solitude was lucky for them, because the dread of solitude is a prevalent one, and the art of solitude is not always easy to acquire.

Returning to a simpler. Alone Time: Four Seasons, Four Cities, and the Pleasures of Solitude [Stephanie Rosenbloom] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In Paris (or anywhere else, really) a table for one can be a most delightful place. -- Alone Time/5(17).

The pleasure of solitude
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