To bike or not to bike

This Jamaica Plain biz has been giving new meaning to the word recycling since We rebuild hundreds of reclaimed bicycles. For many years, Boston had been rated the worst cycling city in a number of shimmering publications.

How not to load your bike

We also stock a full complement of parts, accessories, and apparel geared towards bicycling as a primary form of transportation. At this unassuming yet hip workshop, however, even complete novices are welcome. And that kindness extends to all aspects of the nonprofit: At the Bike Shop: How can you not love a place that repurposes and redistributes roughly 6, used bikes per year?

Profits go toward local community initiatives such as its Earn-A-Bike youth education program, in which future riders are taught bike rebuilding and street safety, and toward international programs that help bring wheels to the developing world.

It also functions as a full-service repair shop and offers classes so you can learn to fix your own. A nonprofit founded inBikes Not Bombs sells reconditioned bikes that have been overhauled by an expert staff of fellow riders, as well as a variety of ready-to-ride new models.

We offer training and job opportunities in bicycle mechanics to youth and adults. Of the 6, two-wheelers rehabbed annually, most go to countries in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, but lots go on sale at the shop, which also offers repairs and do-it-yourself clinics in addition to mentoring and job training for Boston teens.

This nonprofit Jamaica Plain shop stays close to its community-centric roots, putting all funds back into youth programs while offering a full range of repair and retail services.

Bikes Not Bombs uses the bicycle as a vehicle for social change.

Plymouth Rotary Club Bike Drive

We provide expert repair and service in a welcoming and inclusive environment. These guys have been turning that around for a while. Staffers will patiently answer any questions about the trials and tribulations of urban cycling before steering you toward a superb selection of sleek new city cruisers from brands like Bianchi and Linus, as well as refurbished wheels.

Not only are they a solid refurbished bike shop, but they also create a wealth of community-building programs locally and internationally.To bike or not to bike. likes.

The Social Network for Bikers!

Le périple et les aventures d'un voyage à vélo. Jul 11,  · Citi Bike is a huge success — but Mayor de Blasio could be throwing a monkey wrench into the works. Users of the citywide bike-sharing network, which debuted innow take more than 70, A bike drive is an event, often organized by a volunteer, to collect bicycles for Bikes Not Bombs.

Large drives will sometimes bring in over bikes! These drives help us extend our network of bike collection beyond our two locations in Jamaica Plain. At our full-service bike shop, we specialize in excellent reconditioned bicycles, full-service repairs, and bicycle parts and accessories.

Bike Blast: Guide your way through the city by collecting coins to gain power-ups and avoid being hit by obstacles and other moving vehicles. This article shows you how not to load your bike.

Watch as the guys in this video go tumbling all over the place while trying to load their bikes onto trucks.

To bike or not to bike
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