Ways in which britain is democratic essay

We vote for a particular party but our second choices are not considered. Multiple voting was another issue that meant there were still extra votes for men who owned businesses in other constituencies where they did not live.

Proportional electoral systems may confuse voters and will result in less strong government; compulsory voting would cumber us with the careless votes of those uninterested in politics and therefore would not be an accurate representation of what the population wants; a removal of unelected members of Parliament may increase political bias and reduce the expert value of the Lords; referendums may be subject to people who do not know what is best for the country, and even then only those who set the agenda of the referendum — members of Parliament - are those possessing the power; they decide what we may decide on.

Addressing the problem of anti-corruption was another move that Britain made towards democracy. This was mainly the skilled working class and included householders with one years residence. Imagine a government in which well over half of the MPs are locked into place for life, depending entirely on where their constituency happens to be.

Like all his predecessors as Scottish Labour leader since the late, much lamented Donald Dewar, Murphy is out of his depth and inadequate, wholly unable to understand a rapidly changing political landscape all around him.

All this, of course, is also why the Tories unbelievably announced not a desperately needed mass build of new homes; but the forced sale of social housing.

We vote on only that which we are asked to vote on. Again, its proportional system protects against bad policy. This moved Britain closer to democracy because by even more people now had an opportunity to stand as a candidate. Another step towards democracy was the equalising of constituencies.

Not, perish the thought, despite unparalleled levels of public disenchantment with their representatives, on Westminster.

How democratic is Britain?

The Ballot Act meant that there was now a secret ballot. He failed to do so. But it seems in these examples, more democratic is inversely proportional to more efficient.

However, this is difficult to administer and as a result, most modern democracies are representative; the public chooses who they wish to possess power and trust that person to devise policies that will benefit them.

They protect against bad, unrepresentative public policy, and ensure that the wishes of all voters — not just those in marginal constituencies — are taken into account. Yet which, incomprehensibly, almost no one ever talks about. One could argue that Britain could be made more democratic through a proportional electoral system, compulsory voting, a removal of unelected members of Parliament and more referendums.

An even further step towards Britain becoming more democratic was the reduction of the House of Lords. There was also the issue of women still not having the vote to be addressed.

The looming SNP landslide will inevitably force matters to a head only eight months after the independence referendum. In Britain, it does the exact opposite: Why are British politics broken? Imagine a country where the views of well over half of the electorate are discounted and treated as an irrelevance.

In the seats were increased in industrial areas, along with a number of constituencies being defranchised.

How democratic was Britain by 1914? Essay Sample

Before there were rules and regulations which had to be met before you could consider becoming an MP. Quite what the government is going to do when, 30 or 40 years from now, it is faced with a whole generation of pensioners who need housing benefit just to live, heaven only knows.

The expenses scandal, hardly surprisingly, was the result of this; the almost total failure to do much about it, likewise. We vote on members of the Commons but not on the Lords. We vote on local representatives but not party leaders.

More essays like this: There is a real thirst out there for something different — and a much larger natural constituency for it than is ever appreciated. And imagine a so-called democracy where, despite a demonstrable majority against right-wing neo-liberalism having been in place for decades, that very thing has been implemented by both its major parties, with disastrous consequences for the country and public policy.

Remarkably, their focus is never on the very thing that rigs the entire process in the first place: Electors will be told that if they vote for their first choice, they might well end up with the option they least want, so should vote for their second choice instead.

Dealing with anti-corruption played a major part in Britain becoming more democratic by Parliaments in other countries are open and accessible to the people. In the late s, Tony Blair had the chance to implement the findings of the Jenkins Commission on electoral reform.

If it moved too far to the left, its two rivals on the centre and centre-right would combine at Presidential run-offs to keep it out of office.In this essay, I propose to argue both for and against and eventually come to a conclusion whether the UK is democratic or not and give a comparison between the UK and the US in terms of democracy.

We will write a custom essay sample on How democratic is the UK specifically for you. Democracy Essay 1 Democracy is a means for the people to choose their leaders and to hold their leaders accountable for their policies and their conduct in office.

The key role of citizens in a democracy is to participate in public life.

ByBritain was almost democratic but not entirely so. BeforeBritain had a rule of aristocracy, there was great political influence from the elite and the privileged and extreme corruption, The Prime Minister of Great Britain Essay The Prime Minister. How Democratic is the UK?

1. -To under stand what democracyHOW DEMOCRATIC IS is -To realise the dif ferent aspects THE UK? Democracy is supposed to protect the interests of the people. In Britain, it does the exact opposite: routinely working against the interests of the many, in favour of the few.

It can be argued that Britain is both democratic and undemocratic; this can be shown via a range of issues relating to British politics and the society in which we live.

Democracy is a form of government in which supreme power is held completely by the people under a free electoral system.

Ways in which britain is democratic essay
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