What are the future prospects of haldiram

Haldiram was founded in Bikaner ina year after Hira Lal Gupta set up his namkeen unit in Indore. Chipping In Aakash, Prakash, Om and 10 other big and small snack companies have revelled in being the snack satraps of Indore. Rajnish Gupta, director, Aakash Namkeensays their 65 products — a medley of sev, mixtures, chiwda and chips — capture the taste of Indore.

Inthe family business split into two entities. No single company has a nationwide presence, he argues. The very air is redolent with spices — the piquancy of chillies, the earthiness of coriander, the feisty notes of mint.

The company, which sells namkeen, chips and extruded snacks, under the Salman Khan-endorsed brand name Yellow Diamond clocked Rs 1, crore in sales in and had a successful IPO that was subscribed Its plant at Kumedi village, about 12 km from the heart of Indore, has a production capacity of 1, tonnes a month.

You ask if Indore can be the next Bikaner of India. With the Rs 5 packages we cater to the lowest income groups and these have done well for everyone in the category. Kamal Agrawal, executive director of Haldiram Foods, is wary of this sudden buzz in the category. I say it already is one.

They munch on anecdotes. They made bhujia a national and even an international product. There were rumours of Haldiram acquiring a majority stake in Aakash Namkeen. The company is in the final stages of negotiations with potential investors, he tells us.

The scenario is changing. He is quick to add: Scaling up has been a bottleneck for the other local heroes though. He is willing to invest in product innovation and multiply the already large offerings but wants to focus on serving the customers of Indore better as opposed to expanding into other cities.

Even so, this is just a whiff of the namkeen city. Yet, only one of them has been able to make it big: The city has a centuries-old tradition of food. Its most popular namkeen is Income Tax Mixture after a year-old incident in which a few income-tax professionals asked for a blend of fivesix mixtures during a visit to the shop.


The Indoris love their coconut patties or petis Prakash Namkeen is trying to ramp up its presence across supermarkets and online marketplaces for its flagship products like Khatta Meetha Mixture, Laung Ratlami Sev and Albela Pyaaz.

Poha is a quick breakfast dish made of flat rice flakes. Some blame it on a lack of ambition, others reason their products cannot be fully machine-made because they require some personal touches to get the distinct taste.

Players like Om are happy being a big fish in a small pond. More than its historical landmarks, it is known for the Ratlami sevgaradu chat and poha that incongruously comes with jalebi.

Unruffled by these numbers, Rajnish is all set to leverage the partnership with Haldiram.

Trek or treat, Haldiram’s has it all

Rajnish says around 2. He now has eight standalone retail outlets of Om Namkeen — five in Indore and three in Kolkata — where he offers varieties of farsan salty snacks.Haldiram's competitors. Question One. However, this market does not seem to have promising prospects since there is a new generation of people who want to try novel products.

The company will, therefore, be forced to diversify its market segments to include emerging ones since that is where chances of market growth are (McDonald.

Marketing Starategies of Haldiram's (India) In: Business and Management Submitted By anuj Words Pages 4 Faced • Opportunities Explored • Planning & Strategy • Actual Implementation & Results • Current Scenario & Future Prospects Coca Cola – The Company Coca Cola Worldwide • It was founded by John Pemberton in • It.

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Haldiram's is a major Indian sweets and snacks manufacturer based in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. The company has manufacturing plants in Nagpur, New Delhi, Kolkata, Bikaner.

[5] Haldiram's has its own retail chain stores [6] [7] and a range of restaurants in Nagpur, Kolkata, Patna, Lucknow, Noida and mint-body.comd: Bikaner, Rajasthan, India (; 81 years ago).

In recognition of its efforts to penetrate globally, HALDIRAM’S bagged the prestigious ‘INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR FOOD & BEVERAGES’ awarded by Trade Leaders Club in Barcelona, Italy, Spain in the year HALDIRAM’S is honoured to be a member of Snacks Food Association (SFA), Virginia, U.S.A.

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What are the future prospects of haldiram
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