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Coaching Philosophies from Sports Coaches

Here are a few things that really helped me this past summer: I am such a visual learner too, so putting this on a paper for myself to see was great. The identity your Coach creates can leave a tremendous impact in you as a player and one that can form your ideas of a coaching philosophy in later life.

Take action by living as that person. How can I become that person?

Youth Sports Experience Philosophy

Also feel free to approach experienced Coaches after a training sessions to ask some questions you had while observing their training. What do I like about their style? This is all part of the process of me growing and being the best Coach that I can be.

Youth Sports

It is your personal blue-print of recognizable traits as a Coach. Your coaching philosophy will mirror your understanding and perspective. By observing you will start to see how effective Coaches improve their players.

When developing your coaching philosophy it is of the utmost importance that it is something you stand for. Understanding is developed through curiosity and learning. In short —learn about life, learn about yourself, and learn about people.

Often Coaches will only be too willing to spend 5 minutes or so as they will have done the same as a novice and appreciate the help they got when they were starting out.

Finally, try to find a mentor Coach to whom you can go with questions or just discuss things. No second Coach will have the same things.

That does not work for everyone. Players and athletes will sense if you are saying something you believe in or whether you are just saying things. To do that you must listen and learn the internal story that drives each player and when that story becomes focused just step aside and let the player s win.

As a player you learn from your Coach in what he does during training, how he prepares teams for matches in a physical and psychological way.

Organizing my thoughts to simple concepts was huge for me. This can also be done with the Coaches you observe.

In my case it started when I was a soccer player. Develop your understanding and your perspective will shed the negative aspects of life. I organized every facet that a Coach has to deal with and put it on paper. What are a few of their non-negotiable coaching points that I totally connected with and how do I emulate those in my everyday actions as a Coach.

You can learn a lot from their organization of training sessions, focus of the training, learning process involved for athletes and satisfaction with the coaching style and approach of the Coach.

Another thing to do early on in your career as a Coach is to observe other Coaches.

For me it makes being a head Coach not such a daunting task to know that these are the 5 basic areas I am going to have to deal with in coaching. Respect everyone, or just people who can help you professionally.

What kind of person do I want to be? The biggest mistake I have seen is Coaches trying to emulate a successful Coach who was a complete opposite personality wise from who they were.

I looked a lot at who I admired as a Coach and I asked myself: Be positive in bad and good times. You are you are what you repeatedly do. Be open to feedback and solicit feedback so you can grow and adapt.Essay on Why Youth Sports Are Good Forkids.

something that can cause them to be the object of ridicule. There is one good solution to many of their concerns, and it involves physical activity that is the result of being involved in sports. Youth Sports are important to keep kids healthy and out of trouble. Essay on Youth and Sports Words | 15 Pages.

difficult in youth sports today. Coaches and parents are putting a lot of pressure on our young sons and daughters. More about The Benefits of Youth Sport Essay.

Preventing Sports Injuries in Youth Words | 7 Pages; Youth Sports are Beneficial Essay Words | 16 Pages; Essay on Youth. Essay about Youth Sports Philosophy. Philosophy List at least 10 positive benefits from participation in youth sports. How does your program ensure that participants gain these benefits?

1. Playing sports is FUN.

Sports participation provides children with something to do and a group to belong to. This group of friends has similar goals and interests. Free youth sports papers, essays, and research papers. Youth Sports Experience Philosophy The objective of youth sports is three-fold: 1.

Provide fun and enjoyment 2. Provide for the development of athletic skills and life skills 3. Provide a healthy exposure to competition and the pursuit of victory over one's self, environment or opponent.

Benefit from the coaching philosophies that coaches have shared with us that may be useful in developing, or defining what your own coaching philosophy is.

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